Phases In Spiritual Leadership: Emerging As A Leader Under God Among Men By Gboyega Adedeji

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“Phases In Spiritual Leadership” by Gboyega Adedeji is a book that is a comprehensive guide exploring the essence of spiritual leadership and its role in fulfilling God’s purpose on Earth. The book delves into the concept of spiritual leadership as a process that requires deep commitment, profound understanding, and unwavering faith. It outlines the journey to becoming a spiritual leader, emphasizing that it isn’t about titles, positions, or popularity but about representing and reflecting God’s will among people. The book serves as a resource for individuals seeking to embody God’s character and purpose in their personal and professional lives.


Leadership is simply described by many as influence; and that a person is said to be leading when he or she has an influence with or over a people or person. Leadership is also perceived as the process of taking a people or an organization from a point to another point. Field Marshall Montgomery says “Leadership is the capacity and will to rally men and women to a common purpose, and the character which inspires confidence.” In the words of Dr. J. Robert Clinton, “Leadership is a dynamic process in which a man or woman with God-given capacity influences a specific group of God’s people towards His purpose for the group.”

Apparently, leadership is about process, about people and about personalities; but more importantly, leadership is for a purpose! When it now has to do with spiritual leadership, this issue is not easier or simpler, but rather; a more demanding, stretching and transforming process that is instituted by God Himself in His will to impact His people through men. The truth is spiritual leadership is all about God and His people; however it is executed though visible men and women in every generation.

Spiritual leadership originates in God and is sustained only by God. Therefore, spiritual leadership is for God! However, there is a difference between ministry and spiritual leadership; and that you are a minister of God does not translate into spiritual leadership among men. God ultimately birth spiritual leaders and He sustains them. Spiritual leadership is not about titles; neither is it about positions or popularity. The question then is; what is spiritual leadership? And who is a spiritual leader?

For the purpose of this book, we should be adopting working definition for the two terms:

Spiritual leadership is the representation and enforcement of God’s will among men; impacting the people of God with the purpose, power, wisdom, glory and honour of God.

Spiritual leadership can also be described as the process of standing and speaking for God among men; forging alliance between God and the people towards accomplishing a common purpose on the earth.”

Spiritual leader is therefore the man or woman who represents and reflects God’s purpose and personality on the earth. The off-shoot of this definition is that, you do not need to be called a pastor by people to be a spiritual leader; neither do you need some form of organizational structure and infrastructure to function as a leader on the earth under God. John Stanko wrote a book, “So many leaders, so few leadership”; which suggests that the world does not lack leaders; but true spiritual leaders. A people in pursuit of God’s purpose among men.

This book is written under the leadership of God to help a boy, girl, woman or man become the spiritual leader that his or her generation has been yearning for. This book reveals the process that true spiritual leaders passes through, before they become entities that accurately represents God and reflects His purpose among men (in their offices, schools, families, communities, nations and generations).

Digest this book carefully, and meditate on the counsels in it as you proceed systematically into the phases in spiritual leadership. Happy reading!


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