Habit Loop: Unleash The Power of Routine

Ever wonder how habits are born? They’re birthed from a powerful process called the habit loop. Picture this, a three step dance of the mind. First, the cue. This is the trigger that tells your brain to go into automatic mode and which habit to use. Like the smell of fresh coffee brewing in the morning.

Next, the routine. This is the behavior itself. That could be pouring yourself a cup of coffee and sipping the warm brew. Finally, the reward. This is the reason you’re motivated to do the behavior. Perhaps it’s the rush of caffeine, the taste, or just the ritual of starting a new day. But here’s the twist.

The MIT researchers found that craving drives the habit loop. So, in our coffee example, you’re not driven by the reward of the coffee itself, but by the anticipation of it. So, want to form new habits or break old ones? Understand your own habit loops. Pinpoint your cues, routines, and rewards. And remember, it’s the craving that’s really running the show.

So go on, dance the habit loop