Man In A Destiny Fulfillment Pursuit By Gboyega Adedeji

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“Man in a Destiny Fulfillment Pursuit” book by Gboyega Adedeji delves into the complex journey of self-discovery and purpose. This book explores the pressures and expectations that drive individuals to pursue various goals, whether it’s career advancement, academic excellence, or political power. Through insightful questions and thought-provoking analysis, the author encourages readers to consider whether their pursuits align with their true destiny, identity, and potential. The book offers a guide to navigating life’s journey with authenticity, emphasizing the importance of understanding one’s unique purpose while resisting the urge to conform to societal expectations.


In the fast going world we are today, everyone is either pursuing one thing or the other; workers pursuing promotion and salary increment, politicians pursuing key positions in the country, students pursuing excellence in their studies and so on. As good as those scenarios sounds to us, we still need to sit down for a while and ask ourselves some salient questions, “Am I pursuing the right things at this stage or time of my life?”; “Am I pursuing what I am pursuing in life with understanding and good judgment? Or “Am I simply chasing a dead rat or a flying eagle?

MAN IN A DESTINY FULFILLMENT PURSUIT talks about the journey of every man in life; Where we start our journeys from; and how to complete that journey successfully achieving all our pursuits, so that we will not all be caught living as chameleons in our neighbourhoods, workplaces, schools, etc.; trying to suit our environments well; not giving attention to our individual differences– which actually talks about  the uniqueness of our purpose, identity and potentials.


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