The 17 Success Partners: Follow Them And Success Will Follow You By Gboyega Adedeji

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“The 17 Success Partners” by Gboyega Adedeji is a book that is an insightful guide for individuals seeking to achieve enduring success in various aspects of life. This book breaks down success into three key sections: Spiritual Partners, Character Partners, and Excellence Partners. Each section outlines specific traits and values that are crucial for personal and professional success, from godliness and understanding of purpose to discipline and strategic thinking. The book serves as a practical roadmap, offering a structured approach to cultivating the attributes that lead to true success. By embracing these 17 partners, readers can transform their pursuit of success into a journey where success chases them.


The 17 Success Partners is not just another book on the success corners of book shelves; but the inspired truth as the sure guide for any man or woman that desire success.

Success is desired by all; but not all are willing to give it all it takes or do all it demands to attain unto it. But, with a guide as this book, any man can conscious begin his or her own walk unto true and enduring success: For while many people in the world today in Politics, Business, Media, Sports, etc., chase after “success”; very few people are being chased daily by success. But why?

We have come to discover that success do not really chase men; but chases after its partners that are embraced by the few. So, this book promises to hand over into your hands; the proven partners of true success; that every man must embrace; to be chased by lasting and true success.


  • Godliness                               14.
  • Understanding of Purpose     20.
  • Vision                                     26.
  • Wisdom                                  31.
  • Faith                                       36.


  • Integrity                                  43.
  • Discipline                                48.
  • Contentment                          52.
  • Perseverance                         57.
  • Humility                                  61.
  • Leadership Mind-set              65.


  • Diligence                               71.
  • Strategic Thinking                 75.
  • Sense of Priority                   79.
  • Time Management                83.
  • Relationships                         86.
  • Knowledge                             91.


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