The Journey of Discipleship: Following The Right Footstep By Gboyega Adedeji

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“The Journey of Discipleship” by Gboyega Adedeji is a book that is scripturally grounded and practical guide for Christians seeking a deeper relationship with God. This book explores the essence of Christian discipleship, emphasizing that it is a continuous journey, not just a single event or course. By delving into the biblical roots of discipleship, the book reveals God’s plan for bringing believers into the fullness of their spiritual purpose. It challenges conventional views, highlighting the progressive nature of genuine discipleship, and offers insights into how believers can follow Jesus Christ’s pathway to spiritual growth and blessings.


From Book Foreword

God is the Pioneer of discipleship; therefore the task of writing a foreword for a book like this requires a humble approach. The reason is because Christian Discipleship is not man’s idea; it is exclusively God’s pattern for bringing men into the fullness and reality of His purpose, plan and possessions. That’s why discipleship is a journey and not just an encounter. It is a journey full of Mount Zion encounters. But it has a goal beyond an encounter. Discipleship is the making process of kings in God’s kingdom. Jesus is not the King of slaves. He is the King of kings. Hence, discipleship is a journey of raising men like Jesus on earth.

So this book in your hand, Journey of Discipleship, is a scripturally sound and practical destiny transforming resource that reveals the unadulterated, untainted and unmodified mind of God about His agenda towards raising people as His image and representatives on earth.

Christian Discipleship is not a new thing to the Church of Christ. Over the years, countless books have been written about it, programmes have been organized around it, curriculums have been designed and many people are carrying about the certificates that show they are graduates of discipleship. But the truth is, if these achievements are what discipleship is all about, there will be no need for this book to be written.

This is not just another book about discipleship. It is a book the Holy Spirit has inspired to correct the missing factor in our understanding of discipleship by taking us to the origin of Christian Discipleship. It also reveals that true and genuine discipleship as given by the Lord is progressive. Discipleship is a journey and not a course. Discipleship is a Journey with the Lord Jesus Christ through whom we follow the pathway that leads to our original status in God.

Journey of Discipleship is not optional. It is compulsory for those who desire to maximize their God-given lives to the fullest. You cannot live your best life except you take this journey. I strongly believe that God has prepared this book through my brother, GboyegaAdedeji who himself is a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ to show us the what, why, where, when and how of this journey.

According to Luke 6:20, “Then He lifted up His eyes toward His disciples and said, “Blessed are you poor, for yours is the kingdom of God.”

It is my prayer that the Lord will use this book to draw your heart into the blessing awaiting those who will respond to the journey of discipleship with Christ, the way my heart has been drawn in Jesus name.

The word of the Lord to you is, “You are blessed…For yours is the kingdom of God.


Yours in the journey of discipleship with Christ,

Benjamin Suulola

Abuja, Nigeria

October, 2016


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