Your Seven: Discover and Deploy Your Authority on Earth By Gboyega Adedeji

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“Your Seven” by Gboyega Adedeji is a transformative guidebook designed to help readers discover their true selves and their unique space of authority on earth. It explores the consequences of trying to be like others, emphasizing that competition based on other people’s strengths leads to dissatisfaction and failure. Through vivid analogies, such as placing a shark in a lion’s den, the book illustrates the importance of understanding and embracing one’s own gifts, talents, and abilities. It encourages readers to avoid environments that don’t align with their purpose, guiding them toward fulfillment by finding and cultivating their unique strengths.


To many people, “Life isn’t fair!” While I am not claiming that statement is fair enough; I must add that life gives no man what he or she desires; but what he or she deserves. Our desires notwithstanding, we are very likely to become great, known or significant to the degree of our willingness to become all we were created and fabricated to become.

Quite a great number of people around the world yearns to become just like a woman, man, philanthropist or neighbour out there; yet, failing to become themselves. We strive to become like other people or groups; abandoning our own selves in the process; and making other’s strengths the measure of our own strengths.


I have found out that no man can become better than the fishes inside water; and no man or device or jet can maneuver the airspace better than the birds. The point is, there is a man or woman you were created to become; there is a place you were assigned and your authority is tied to that location. Therefore, you will wonder through life, still wondering why you can’t be great if you choose a life or a place different from your God-given.

One reason why competitions aren’t encouraged by God is simple. It is difficult to compete with another’s strength with your own weakness. Each one of us has been carefully crafted for specialized excellence and creativity. However, until we know our individual makeup and seek to grow our special skills, talents, abilities and strengths; we will continue looking for praises from others, which will never come outside our own domain of authority on earth.

If you put a shark in a lion’s den; you will hurt the shark greatly – its size notwithstanding. If you also put a lion into the domain of a shark in an ocean; you have destroyed the life and destiny of that lion. You also have places that can destroy your life and destiny. You must avoid them. Also, trying to become like others will soon destroy you. Until you find yourself and work hard to become your best; you will not be fulfilled.

Your Seven has been carefully crafted by the leading of the Lord to help you find yourself and your space of authority and influence on the earth. Don’t get fixed to the limitations of the words of this book; allow God to inspire your thought to unravel the countless mysteries around your total makeup. Make this book a guide for a full exploration of yourself – giving it all the attention required and the patience expected for understanding of concepts in this book. Remember, you will not know more than you knew yesterday until you choose to learn something new today. This book will teach you something new and guide you through the journey of finding yourself and your domain of authority on earth.


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